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What We Do


Combined General Anthony Wayne-Pittsburgh Chapter Color Guard member honoring a patriot during a memorial service.

We are a living, breathing, and long-standing organization that invites Americans to connect to their personal past and civic history. We are called to make our mark on society and ensure that the stories of our nation’s struggles and our ancestors triumphs are remembered and shared with current and future generations.

Serving the Pittsburgh community and beyond since 1928

The Pittsburgh Chapter is devoted to maintaining and promoting those principles which have been enshrined in the Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and Washington’s Farewell Address. In accomplishing this, we have instituted programs to both educate and entertain our community:
We hold quarterly brunches in various locations in the Pittsburgh area. Our Washington’s Birthday Celebration and our annual meeting in December are held in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution. All the brunches feature guest speakers who give presentations on historical subjects. Often the topics are of local interest, rarely touched on in traditional academic programs.
Participation in these events is not restricted to members.
Our Knight Essay Contest offers local high school students the opportunity to compete for the year’s most inspired analysis of a Revolutionary War topic. The first place student goes on to compete at the state level. Exceptional essays may even take their authors to the national contest. Along with certificates, cash prizes are awarded to the top three entrants at each level.
Veterans, Eagle Scouts, ROTC cadets, students, and citizens who have contributed significantly to their communities are all honored by our Chapter. The Combined General Anthony Wayne-Pittsburgh Chapter Color Guard participates in patriotic events including parades, ceremonies, and memorial services for Revolutionary ancestors. These events may be viewed on our Facebook page,
We have several categories of membership. If you would like to join us or are interested in getting more information, please contact us at:

Photos From Past Events

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